¿What will happen to Figma? find out

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If you design web pages, you will surely have used or heard about Figma. It has recently been acquired by its competition: Adobe Creative Cloud.
Twenty million dollars was what Adobe deposited to Figma to become owner of his great product. The interesting thing is that it is the acquisition of one of its main competitors [we think the most important]. But what will happen to Figma? How much will it cost to use it? Will it no longer be possible to work online? Dylan Field, co-founder of Figma had this to say:
“There is a tremendous opportunity for us to accelerate the growth and innovation of the Figma platform with access to Adobe’s technology, expertise and resources in the creative space. Adobe is deeply committed to keeping Figma operating autonomously and I will continue to serve as CEO, reporting to David Wadhwani.”
That said, let’s rest assured that for the time being Figma will continue to operate as it has been doing. On the other hand, Adobe reinforces its position as the dominant leader in the professional design industry. So, calm down, designer friends, we can continue making our designs for games, apps, websites, and more without any problem.
At T-Nomads we use Figma to design our work. If you are interested in working with us or that we help you design and develop your digital product, do not hesitate to contact josesalmon@t-nomads.com

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