What sections should a website have?

If you are close to create your website but you don´t know which sections to place? We want to share with you the basic sections that your web page should have.

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  1. Home

It is the first section that your visitors will see when entering your website. Remember to use a good image with a power message where you communicate your value proposition. Let it be: clear, simple and easy to remember.

  1. About us

This space allows visitors to learn about the business, the members, the products and/or services offered. It´s your chance to connect.

  1. Portfolio / Testimonials

Here you must place the experiences of work with different clients, explain the way you/your business helped them. This section will allow your business to build trust and credibility.

  1. Contact

Allow your customers to write you, resolve their doubts, get to know you and finally make a sale.

  1. Blog

Become an expert by sharing valuable information. Remember to have the commitment to keep it updated.

Do not forget to place a neat dropdown menu so that your user can select the section they want to visit. If you want any advice or web development do not hesitate to send an email to josesalmon@t-nomads.com who will gladly assist you.

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