Design and Web Development, is it the same?

There is usually a lot of confusion, but don´t worry that in the following lines we will explain it to you.

Web design encompasses everything that is the appearance, the graphic elements, the range of colors, all the aesthetics and user experience. Some programas that are used to develop the wireframes and prototypes are Photoshop, Figma and Sketch. But what is a wireframe? They are the drafts that are made previously and that are shown to the client (similar to the plans tht an architect presents). And what are prototypes? A is the version that is closest to the final product and already has many of the interactions that will be seen.

In the web design stage is when we recommend making all posible changes and adjustments before moving on the web development stage. In simple words, the web designer is the equivalent to the architect of a house.

Web development is the moment in which we make reality the web that the designed create. In this stage is where starts the writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. What is designed begins to be programmed and it is the web developer who will be in charge of doing it. This web developer would be the equivalent to and engineer who will build the house.

Both, the designer and the web developer are essential for the creation of a web page. Both work together; there are also profiles that know both functions, but this is not usually the case since it is better to have a specialist for each of the positions.

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