Do you know these types of web pages?

Find out about the different types of web pages and recognize which one you need for your business.

Corporate: For companies and freelancers; it will be the first impression of your company whose objective is to make known about the services, products and works done.

Portfolio: It is used for artists and creatives since the purpose is to show the work done in a creative way. You can make use of templates to create one.

Blog: Used more than anything by journalists, incluencers; focused on the generation of content to keep your audience informed.

Landing page: It is a small, single-sided page that features a specifid product or service. Widely used for campaigns accompained by a form and generate a database.

eCommerce: For companies or freelancers looking to sell their products or services 24/7. You must have a good payment gateway and purchase process.

Remember that it is very important to know the objectives of your business before starting the work of the web page. Also, the first step is to design with the functions and pages that your website will need. Once you have the design, you can start with its implementation. An advice will always be useful to find what best suits the needs of your business.

At T-Nomads we have experience making various types of web pages, if you need some help do not hesitate to contact us.

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