The Tomato Method

Do you work long hours? Do you find it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time? Do you telework? We do, and that is why we use a technique that we want to share with you.

The Pomodoro technique will allow you to make your time more productive, taking breaks without losing concentration, all you need is a timer (from your cell phone) to schedule the minutes of work and rest.

You can modify the work and rest times but we still want to share the one we use and recommend:

  1. Start with 25 minutes of working (without distractions)
  2. Take a 5 minutes break
  3. Repeat point 1 and 2 for 4 times
  4. After the 4 repetitions take a 20-30 minutes break.

Remember that it is very important to stay focused during the 25 minute block called “pomodoro”. If for some reason you get distracted, write it down on a sheet and when you are in the 5 minute mandatory break you can do it. With practice and time you will improve the use of the technique.

The Pomodoro method will help you to always keep your mind active, with frequent breaks and concentrated work. It is a very beneficial method for completing tasks that require agility and also for dividing jobs into several pomodoros.

From T-Nomads we hope that this method will be of great use to you, it will help you increase your productivity at work as well as improve your health since you can use your breaks -as a priority- to walk and/or stretch a little.

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