Terrazas del Sol

Terrazas del Sol Condominium is the most modern and safest in the San Juan de Lurigancho district. Condominium that serves more than 230 families.



The client wanted to renew its website and integrate it into its business process. In addition, they were looking for support in generating content and capturing leads.



1. Web Devolopment and Design: We take care of designing the new website, first defining the corporate color palette and the sitemap that the business needs. Then, with the architecture of the page we start with web development using WordPress. Various landing pages were also developed for advertising campaigns. Discover the website by clicking here.

2. Audiovisual Production: For the web and social media we made two videos:
Corporate Video, Apartment Video

3. Social Media: With the audiovisual material we began to generate content on the results of the first tower built and inform the construction of the second tower.

4. Paid Media: We take care of implementing and managing online campaigns in Facebook Ads and Google Ads.



  • Quality audiovisual material to show, used to create content.
  • Improvement of corporate image.
  • Web constantly updated and managed.



Marketing Consultant |  UI Designer | Web Developer | Community Manager | Media Analyst



2 months.