Plaza Vea

Plaza Vea is one of the largest retail stores in the country that belongs to the Peruvian Supermarkets group. The Plaza Vea website has a recycling section called Conscious Recycling. Discover more information here.


The client’s requirement was that the Recycle 2021 section go from being a simple landing page to a website.



1. Branding: Identity Manual was restructured.

2. Web Design & Development: The recycling section went from being a simple landing page to having a web section with extensive content.

3. Programming: An interactive educational recycling game was programmed and developed.



  • Increase in visits to the web.
  • Increased interaction on social networks
  • Raise awareness and educate about the importance of recycling in Peru.



Marketing Consultant | Graphic  Designer | Web Developer | Programmer



3 months.