Company dedicated to satisfying the growing demand of international trade operations, providing its clients with a complete service for all their needs in terms of Forwarding, Maritime, Air, Land, Multimodal, Logistics and Distribution.For more information click here.


The Sunat and maritime customs were forcing the Modaltrade company to have a website to publicize the rates to its clients.



Design and development of the website: The client’s requirement was that they wanted to have a website detached from the Agunsa group in order to have their own Modal Trade Peru website. We proceeded to develop drafts so that the client can choose the option that he liked the most. After the election we move on to the full development part.



  • Generate visits more often.
  • The UX is simpler and has given dynamism to user navigation.
  • They can store a database per form implementation.



Marketing Consultant | UI Designer | Web Developer



2 weeks.