Jacobs & Jacobs

Jacobs & Jacobs is a consulting firm that focuses on organizational and social development that believes in the need to look inward to expand awareness and from there positively influence society, generating transformations that lead to personal and collective well-being. Learn more about them by clicking here.



Jacobs & Jacobs had corporate accounts on Facebook and Instagram but needed an external look to see what other initiatives could be carried out to better position themselves and therefore grow in customers.



Digital Strategy: We helped them find the three buyer personas that had the business. Once that was defined, we found the appropriate channels and the ways in which we could reach each of the person buyers. We put together a 9-month plan to execute.

Social Media: We start  to generate content very focused on informing, educating and promoting the different activities of the business. We also collaborate to create the first business reels.

Paid Media: The generated content was accompanied by paid advertising on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Specific landing pages were created for each campaign to capture potential leads.

Podcast: As a complement, we collaborated in the creation of the podcast on Spotify called «El seesaw» where 8 different chapters were made.



Social Media:

  • Increase interaction and messages (DM).
  • More organic reach through reels.

Página web:

  • The content created was complemented with Blogs and Podcasts.



Marketing Consultant  | Community Manager | Media Analyst



1 year.