Eva Dry

Eva Dry is an American company specializing in cleaning products for the home. In Peru they have a representative company that is responsible for the distribution of their products throughout the country.


They needed to increase the sale of their E333 and EDV1100 products through their social networks, their Instagram account had a reach of 3k followers.



1. Digital Strategy: After evaluating what they had been doing, we developed attractive promotions such as packages in which we included both products at a competitive price. We look to generate a higher margin by selling in volume. Then, we decided to do cross-selling with those people who had previously bought any of the products, they were sent coupons. We work with various influencers to achieve greater reach and provide them with a discount code for their followers to use.

2. Social Media: We create content focused on showing the benefits of using dehumidifiers. Likewise, we began to educate people with personal care, their clothes and their home.

3. Paid Media: We develop a media plan to accompany the publications made. We invest $130 per month in various campaigns.

Facebook Ads

  • Messages
  • Sales



Marketing Consulting:

  • We recognized areas for improvement.
  • We started with cross-selling.

Social media:

  • We develop educational content.
  • The community increased from 3k to 5k.

Paid Media:

  • Of the $130: $50 intended for interaction; $25 to video views and $50 to generate qualified leads.
  • We achieved an ROI of $615. That is, for each dollar invested in ads, $6 was earned.



Community Manager | Graphic Designer| Media Analyst| Marketing Consultant



3 months.