Arquipets is a Peruvian company dedicated to the design and manufacture of furniture, castles, towers and circuits for cats. Its products integrate harmoniously with any environment through personalized service. Click here for more.



They had Facebook and Google accounts that had few followers, so each of the publications they made had a very small reach. Then with the growth of their business they needed to have a channel to sell online.



1.  Social Media: We take on the challenge of managing your social networks, proposing a language that is closer to customers (cats and people) using a lot of humor, giving cats a greater role. This allowed the brand to differentiate itself from the competition since we managed to create a personalized, fun and empathetic language towards customers. All this was accompanied by a monthly content grid and media plan that was coordinated in conjunction with the client.



2. Web design and development: Given the results and increases in sales, after 6 months they saw the need to open their online channel, since they received many messages that they could not attend. We took on the challenge of doing the UX/UI work for the client and the page was delivered in less than a month.




Social media:

  • Increase the community from 600 people to 5k in just 4 month
  • Draw made by the 5k managed to exceed 9k in a week.
  • We finished the year with 21k followers.
  • Increased interaction and messages (DM).
  • Arquipets was the first company to qualify the spaces, a term that was later copied by the competition.

Web design and development:

  • It was allowed to make the web the center of the digital ecosystem.
  • Sales increased 25%.
  • The average ticket was s/600.



Community Manager| Graphic Designer  | Media Analyst | Marketing Consultant |  UX/UI Designer |  Web Developer



1 year and a half – March 2019 – January 2021