Agunsa is a company that is responsible for promoting and expanding the network of services for cargo, passengers, means of transport and terminals, with an effective and sustainable offer that adds value to clients, suppliers, employees and shareholder. Click here for more.



Sunat and maritime customs were forcing the Agunsa company to have a web page in order to make the rates known to its clients through that channel. The parent company, Agunsa Chile did have a very good website, however Agunsa Peru did not have its own website.



Design and Web Development: The client’s requirement was that they wanted a very simple and easy to use/navigate landing page. We proceeded to develop drafts in different ways so that the client can choose the option that they liked the most. After the election we go to the part of the complete development of the landing with everything requested, rate section, contact and form.



  • Update of services.
  • Lead generation.
  • WhatsApp Business integration.
  • Responsive website.



Marketing Consultant | Web Developer



1 month.