In the company, being global nomads is in our DNA. We promote talent across borders, types of expertise and different work modalities. We have a team made up of the best specialists.



Hey Hey! I am Marcial and I love doing sports, reading and learning. I also like to travel, I have been able to visit 34 countries and live 3 years in Colombia.

Traveling opens your mind, you get to know other cultures, languages and ways of living.

I studied Advertising at PUCP. I have worked in the Marketing area working very closely with the commercial area. I like to plan projects and design websites and apps. Today am doing a master of Customer Experience & Innovation at the IE Business School in Madrid.

The pandemic? It was an opportunity to venture out, continue learning and go out looking for clients to support them in the growth and transformation of their business. At T-Nomads every day, customer and service is different, we never stop trying and learning new things.30



Hello! I am Jose Carlos and what I like to do the most is to travel to meet people and different cultures. My dream since I was little was to go to the Olympics and compete in table tennis. I didn’t make it but I fulfilled other dreams.

I studied Communications and specialized in Advertising. I worked in three agencies in the area of ​​creativity. In 2019 I realized that the world of digital marketing was very interesting to me, so I went to do a master’s degree in Spain at the ESIC Business and Marketing School. There I ended up deciding that my thing was digital marketing to help the thousands of brands that were entering and adapting to the digital ecosystem.

It was in 2020 when I arrived in Peru from Madrid under a global and political situation in crisis, so I jumped into the pool independently to work with various clients. Along the way I met a friend today my partner and we decided to create T-Nomads together and united our experience to provide all our customers with the service and attention they deserve.

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+ 5 years of experience

Hello! I am Gabriela and I have many hobbies, but the main ones for me are illustrating, cinema and music. I have always been a person very inclined towards creative and artistic life. I really like how my career has managed to combine my hobbies.

I am a Bachelor of Graphic Design with a specialization in Art and Business Graphic Design from the San Ignacio de Loyola University. I have more than five years of experience working on branding projects, graphic pieces for campaigns of different brands, visual identities, packaging and POP material.

As all careers, but especially the design that is constantly changing, have always liked to learn new things and be aware of new trends.

I currently work as a graphic designer for an OTC pharmaceutical company, I am also the Creative Director of T – Nomads Enterprise and I also work as a freelance designer.



Hello! My name is Daniel and I have been passionate about technology since I can remember.

I am always updating myself on the latest digital, innovation and technology trends, both in my fields of interest and in other areas.

Communicator by profession, specializing in animation and audiovisual production, but with many hours dedicated to web programming and interactive platforms.

Although I have worked in companies dedicated to advertising environments, I have always known how to move independently to achieve freelance projects. This versatility has allowed me to work with important brands in the Peruvian sector, such as Grupo Intercorp, Grupo El Comercio, Galletera San Jorge, among many others.

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web manager

Bene Bene! Soy Marcial. Hay tres hobbies que me apasionan: hacer deporte, leer y aprender. Sonará muy cliché pero también me gusta viajar, en mis 28 años de vida he podido conocer 27 países y vivir 3 años en Colombia. Tengo la meta de conocer más de 30 países antes de cumplir la misma cantidad de años. Viajar te abre la mente, conocer otras culturas, tendencias, idiomas y formas de vivir.

Soy Comunicador con especialidad en Publicidad por la PUCP. Desde el inicio me he desempeñado en el área de Marketing trabajando muy de cerca con el área comercial. Me gusta planificar proyectos, también el diseño y es por eso que a inicios de septiembre iniciaré el master de Customer Experience & Innovation en el IE Business School en Madrid.

La pandemia fue una oportunidad para aventurarme, continuar aprendiendo y salir a buscar clientes para apoyarlos en el crecimiento y transformación de su negocio. En T-Nomads cada día, cliente y servicio es distinto y eso es algo que me apasiona ya que no dejamos de probar y aprender nuevas cosas.

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