Do you know these design tools?

Do you have the soul of an artist and many ideas? Take note of the following tools that can take you to the next level.

If you are one of those who likes to draw, color and have a creativity that you would like to enhance, you must have heard of many digital programas that could help you. Also, surely you have used free programs like Paint or Canva at some point -which are very good but sincerely believe that there are others that are on another level.

Adobe Illustrator:

The leading graphic design tool, in it you can design everything you can imagine. It is perfect for creating logos, icons and even illustrations. You will be able to carry out works in different sizes for digital or print format. Use your creativity to create your own vectors and go to conquer the world.

Adobe Photoshop:

Unlike Illustrator, you won´t be using vectors here. Photoshop is focused on working on photos, giving it a much more artistic and creative touch. If what you are looking for is to edit photos, and brightness, mix more than one image, then Photoshop will be the right tool. The good thing is that both programs can complement each other, so it is better to know how to use both.

Adobe XD:

If your thing is the user experience, we recommend using Adobe XD. The tool allows you to design and edit vector graphics for any interface, web and app. In it you can develop interactive prototypes and test their usability. If you know how to use Illustrator and Photoshop then it will be a plus when using Adobe XD.


It is another tool focused on interface design. It is free -which is an advantage over Adobe XD- and also the jobs stay in the cloud so you can share it with several people. In it you can make your designs (wireframes, prototypes) for websites and apps, all you need is just to create an account.

Without a doubt, there are more tools but we hope that the ones we have mentioned will be very useful for you to create excellent works. If you have any question or want to know more, do not forget to review our other blogs.

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