04 reasons to create a Tik Tok account

Tik tok is a great tool to generate content strategies This “new” social network has been surprising us every day that passes, not only because of the potential increase in followers, but also because it offers us various alternatives to create valuable content in a natural way. You can reach new audiences The social network […]

The importance of social media in business

In the last two years since the beginning of 2020, as we all know, we have all been exposed to and faced with a health pandemic that literally attacked the entire world. For this reason, small, medium and large companies found themselves with the need and obligation to reinvent themselves within the digital ecosystem to […]

What are the best days and times to post on social media?

We tell you some data of days and hours that will make your business have a better engagement with your audience. 1 minuto de lectura The first thing we must bear in mind is that the universe of social networks is gigantic and each platform has different audiences and each one interacts differently in each […]