4 Reasons WordPress is the CMS #1

1. Its an open source software You can download, install and use WordPress for free. You only have to pay if you hire a web developer to create a custom theme or if you need additional features for your website. 2. You can create and edit your own content One of the reasons WordPress is […]

Design and Web Development, is it the same?

There is usually a lot of confusion, but don´t worry that in the following lines we will explain it to you. Web design encompasses everything that is the appearance, the graphic elements, the range of colors, all the aesthetics and user experience. Some programas that are used to develop the wireframes and prototypes are Photoshop, […]

Do you know these types of web pages?

Find out about the different types of web pages and recognize which one you need for your business. Corporate: For companies and freelancers; it will be the first impression of your company whose objective is to make known about the services, products and works done. Portfolio: It is used for artists and creatives since the […]

¿What will happen to Figma? find out

If you design web pages, you will surely have used or heard about Figma. It has recently been acquired by its competition: Adobe Creative Cloud.Twenty million dollars was what Adobe deposited to Figma to become owner of his great product. The interesting thing is that it is the acquisition of one of its main competitors […]

Do you know these design tools?

Do you have the soul of an artist and many ideas? Take note of the following tools that can take you to the next level. If you are one of those who likes to draw, color and have a creativity that you would like to enhance, you must have heard of many digital programas that […]

5 benefits of having a website

Whether you are a small or large business, you must have a website. Here we tell you why. 1 minute read Global Presence Having a website allows you to be present worldwide in an increasingly globalized market. Your customers will be able to find you from anywhere in the world. Presentation Letter It is the […]

What sections should a website have?

If you are close to create your website but you don´t know which sections to place? We want to share with you the basic sections that your web page should have. 1 minute read Home It is the first section that your visitors will see when entering your website. Remember to use a good image […]