5 reasons why you should start reading

Reading is a very powerful tool that has multiple benefits both personally and professionally. Here are some of the main benefits of reading in a business context:

  1. Improves language and communication: Reading helps develop a large vocabulary and improve the ability to express and write. This is especially important in the workplace, since effective communication is essential to the success of any company.
  2. Cognitive development: Reading stimulates the mind and helps improve comprehension and analysis skills. This translates into a greater capacity when making decisions and solving problems at work.
  3. Knowledge acquisition: Through reading you can learn new subjects and disciplines in a wide variety of fields, from technology to business administration. This will allow you to be better prepared to face personal and/or work challenges.
  4. Stress reduction: Reading is an effective way to relax and reduce the amount of accumulated stress. This is especially important in the workplace, since stress can negatively affect the productivity and well-being of the organization.
  5. Improvement of creativity: Give yourself the time to lose yourself in a book and you will see how your imagination will be working. Reading can help you develop a broader perspective and connect different ideas that don’t even have to be related. This can lead to the generation of new ideas and solutions in the workplace.

In conclusion, reading provides many benefits for personal and professional development. It is an activity that can be started small and go up. One recommendation is to start reading topics of personal interest and that are quick to read -they can be newspapers, specialized magazines, among others- since it requires spending some time. On the organizational side, it is essential to encourage reading among employees and make it a very healthy habit.

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