40% of young people search on Tik Tok before Google

The new generations have arrived to change the digital order referring to the subject of search engines.

According to a study carried out by Google, 40% of young people use Tik Tok as their main search engine. In Tik Tok you can find a lot of information and in a much more summarized and easy to understand way through short videos.

Young people have been born hand in hand with technology practically. In a certain way it is very easy for them to maneuver all kinds of devices or if they do not learn very quickly. In addition, another characteristic that we see in the young people of the new generations is that they want everything at the moment, they are not very patient, they want everything in the blink of an eye, well TiK Tok offers you that, content and valuable information in short videos.

4 out of 10 young people prefer to search for a restaurant using Tik Tok or Instagram than Google, where in principle it would be easier: the name is entered and all the information appears, including the address and even using maps.

Should Google be alert to the strong dawn of Tik Tok as a future potential search engine of the new generations?

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